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Jan 11th - March 23rd
Hanging at Georgia's Marietta/Cobb Museum
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Sat. Jan 11th, 6-8PM


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Ballroom II by Edward Gordon

Framing is now available for Limited Edition large prints
as well as our Open Edition miniature prints.

Call for a quote!

"My goal is to make paintings so realistic, that viewers are drawn into the imaginary space and share in the peaceful feeling that I try and incorporate into each work. I relish the subtleties of light reflection combined with architectural details that falls somewhere between realism and surrealism. There is something mystical yet serene in the quiet light found in interior spaces presented in harmony with the luminescent effect in the sky."
-- Edward Gordon

Gordon Publications and features fine art limited and open edition giclee prints on paper made from the amazing original alkyd-on-panel paintings by Edward Gordon. Please explore and enjoy this extensive artwork Web site. We offer articles about Edward and the printing process, complete image archives, print auctions and an email list service and newsletters.

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